Gender Female
Age Ancient
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Also know as:
School Marm (by Sadie)
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by
Anna Galvin

Theodosia is Sadie's monster. She used to scare Sadie during a test or report. She even scared Sadie so bad during her fifth grade spelling bee, making her spell "goat" wrong.


Theadosia appears as an elderly lady who wears glasses. She wears a black dress and black leather gloves and she wears a feathery hood. She also has very pale skin and blue eyes, but her hair color is unknown do to her hood.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She possesses the powers of flight and she can pass through things. She can also teleport. Theadosia also has the power of telekinesis and can turn into black smokey form. She also can make herself invisible and, shoot purple rays. She can multiply herself, and since she is a witch monster she has the power of spell casting and black magic, but of course she is never as powerful as Deimata.


Deimata: boss

Bob: friend

Sadie: enemy, wanted to scare

Skylar Lewis: enemy

Henry: enemy