Julie Lewis
Julie lewis
Gender Female
Age 40s
Nationality American
Professional Information
  Monster Hunting
Studying moles
Friends and Family
Edgard McCuery (father)
Unknown mother
Steve Lewis (husband)
Skylar Lewis (daughter)
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by
Jennifer Aspen
Julie Lewis (née McCuery) is a character in Girl vs. Monster. She is Skylar's mother and a 4th generation monster hunter.


She is an expert monster hunter since Skylar was born. Her father, Edgard McCuery was also a monster hunter and captured Deimata until his death. After that Deimata tried to possess Skylar, but Julie and Steve stopped her.


  • She gets scared only when Skylar's in danger.
  • She is a 4th generation monster hunter.
  • She and Steve study mold for a living.

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